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Texas A&M University Police Blame Car Accident on Pokémon GO

A recent accident on the Texas A&M University campus offers further evidence that the Pokémon GO craze can be risky business for players and bystanders. On July 12, 2016, campus police tweeted a report of a suspicious vehicle on campus after one a.m. It turned out the occupants of the vehicle were playing Pokémon GO. […]

Which Types of Damages are Available in Personal Injury Claims?

The ultimate goal of people who file personal injury claims is to recover damages to compensate them for their losses. There are several different classifications of damages a person can recover in an injury claim, including the following: Economic damages. These are damages that are somewhat easy to quantify. Common examples include medical costs incurred, […]

What is Shared Fault and How Could It Affect Your Claim?

If you’re ever involved in a personal injury lawsuit in Texas, you may have to deal with the state’s shared fault rules. Basically, shared fault is the idea that both parties could share some level of blame for a crash that has led to injuries. Usually, shared fault becomes an issue in a lawsuit when […]

What’s the Process for Filing an Injury Claim Against the Texas Government?

If the defendant in your personal injury claim is some type of government entity or employee in Texas, you must file the lawsuit against the specific unit you believe was responsible for your injury. In these cases, you have a different statute of limitation than you would in a standard personal injury case, in which […]

The Basics of Wrongful Death Claims in Texas

A wrongful death in Texas is defined as a death caused by the carelessness, neglect, unskillfulness or wrongful act of one party. The victim’s surviving spouse, parents or children, either as individuals or as a group, may file a claim for wrongful death. Siblings, however, do not have the right to file these lawsuits in […]

What to Do After a Car Accident

If you find yourself involved in a car accident in Texas, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and perhaps confused. But as soon as it happens, you will need to do two things — take action to prevent further damage and injuries, and preserve any available evidence of the accident. Your first step should be to […]

Despite OSHA’s Best Efforts, Workplaces Remain Dangerous

Although it’s comforting to know that there is a regulatory body charged with enforcing workplace safety in the United States, the reality is that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is severely understaffed and underfunded. As a result, the agency has been forced to prioritize its inspections, effectively limiting them to the most dangerous […]

Mental Health Organization Allowed to Plea in Personal Injury Case

A recent decision by the Supreme Court of Texas allows Dallas Metrocare Services, a provider of public mental health care, to argue a plea of immunity in its ongoing legal dispute with former patient Adolfo Juarez. This decision is the latest development in a lengthy legal battle between the nonprofit organization and Juarez. The case […]

Retired NFL Players Sue Former Team for Head Injuries

The recent $765 million settlement reached between the NFL and more than 4,500 retired players has spawned a new round of lawsuits. The subject of the most recent suit remains the same — retired players looking to receive damages for traumatic brain injuries sustained during their playing careers. However, this case is somewhat more nuanced. […]

Truck “Underride” Accidents Cause Significant Injuries and Vehicle Damage

Underride accidents occur when a passenger car rear-ends a semitruck and ends up sliding underneath the back end of the trailer. These types of collisions can be extremely severe even at low speeds, and for most vehicles, it leaves the windshield as only thing standing between the passenger’s head and the trailer. Even in rare […]

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