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The Texas economy is supported by oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing and construction, which rely heavily on big rigs and other types of large, heavy commercial vehicles. When drivers and corporations act negligently, these trucks can present a serious hazard on the road. In fact, trucks were involved in 3,568 fatal crashes and approximately 73,000 injury-causing wrecks in 2011.

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Driver error

Operating a tractor-trailer, garbage truck, delivery van, other commercial vehicle or construction equipment requires tremendous skill and alertness. One apparent minor error can lead to tragedy for the driver and other motorists on the roadway. Your safety is at risk if the commercial driver is:

  • Distracted
  • Texting or talking on a phone
  • Fatigued
  • Speeding or otherwise reckless
  • Drunk
  • Impaired by drugs
  • Unfamiliar with the road

Laws governing large trucks

Because of the potential dangers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a series of regulations governing truck drivers’ conduct, including:

  • Using a cell phone — The use of handheld mobile phones is banned for all drivers of buses and large trucks. This includes reaching for, dialing, talking on or otherwise using a phone. Drivers are permitted to use hands-free devices that comply with the statutes.
  • Texting — The law prohibits texting while operating a commercial motor vehicle. This includes manually typing a message or reading a text on an electronic device.
  • Taking rest periods — Drivers must abide by a variety of rules related to the number of hours worked in one shift and mandatory rest breaks. To ensure compliance, drivers are required to record hours of service and rest time information in a logbook.

Corporate responsibility

Even if the commercial driver was responsible for your car accident, you likely also have a cause of action against the trucking corporation. First, under the concept of respondeat superior, an employer is held liable for the actions of a worker who is engaged in a job task. The trucking company may also be directly responsible for the accident for:

  • Pressuring the driver to speed, forgo sleep or take stimulants to make a delivery on time
  • Implementing a policy that encourages drivers to use mobile electronic devices while driving to communicate with customers or supervisors
  • Hiring unqualified or negligent drivers
  • Overloading or unevenly loading the trailer, thereby increasing the risk of jackknifing or rollover wrecks
  • Failing to secure material or products in the back of a truck bed properly
  • Skipping inspections and repairs of its fleet

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