Exposure to Harmful Substances Gives Rise to Toxic Tort Claims in Texas

Houston lawyer seeks compensation for your injuries from the negligent corporation

A toxic tort arises when your contact with a dangerous substance occurs because of the negligence of a corporation and results in your injury. You may be exposed to toxins in your home, your workplace or your community. If you experience an immediate reaction, connecting your injuries to the dangerous substance and the corporation responsible may be fairly straightforward. However, you may not even realize you suffered harm until many months or years after your exposure, which can complicate proof of the element of causation.

Attorney George “Buck” Cire, founder of Cire Law Firm in Houston, has handled complex toxic tort claims for more than a quarter of a century. We meticulously trace the origins of your illness and thoroughly document the part the defendant played in negligently exposing you to the dangerous material, leading to your serious injuries.

Dangerous substances that can cause illnesses

Toxic chemicals are commonly released by certain Texas industries, including oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, construction, maritime, military and waste management. Although regulated by Texas and federal laws, corporations may nonetheless pollute your air, drinking water or soil or expose you to toxic materials at your workplace or through defective products. Among the thousands of harmful substances that can make you sick are:

  • Mercury
  • Asbestos
  • Pesticides
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Solvents
  • Benzene
  • Silica
  • PCBs
  • Methane
  • Fracking chemicals

Proving causation and disease

A corporation’s lack of transparency can deprive you of important information about what triggered a serious disease. You may not even know that you are being exposed to certain substances and the adverse way they are affecting your health until you become seriously and irreversibly ill. A common defense tactic is to deny that the chemicals the corporation used are harmful. Corporations may even blame the victim for unrelated intervening conduct, especially when symptoms do not manifest right away.

Our Houston law firm consults with medical experts about the progress of your disease so we can prove causation in your personal injury lawsuit. To improve your chances of health and financial recovery, we advise you to remain diligent about obtaining qualified medical care. This is especially important if your particular medical condition has a latency period — for example, mesothelioma may not appear for decades after your last exposure to asbestos. You cannot file a claim until the disease manifests, but you should nonetheless obtain regular medical care to build your legal case and to take advantage of the earliest possible medical treatments as soon as your disease develops.

We gather your doctors’ reports, diagnostic test results and prognoses to seek the maximum possible compensation for your claim. Our firm has been successful in proving that a victim’s family member suffered from secondhand exposure to a toxic substance because a spouse or parent can carry toxins home on work clothing.

Recover damages for serious medical conditions due to toxin exposure in Houston

For experienced advice about toxic tort recovery, call Cire Law Firm at 713.532.6206 or contact us online. We are in the Galleria area off the 610 Loop in Houston. We serve Houston as well as Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery and Jefferson counties. Your first consultation is free, and we do not charge attorney fees unless we recover damages for your injuries. We can visit you at your home or the hospital if necessary.

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