The Manufacturer May Be Liable for Injuries You Sustained Because of a Damaged Product

Our Houston firm advocates for consumers injured in products liability accidents

You use hundreds of different products every day and probably do not worry about disaster befalling you because of defects. Your confidence is supported by the doctrine of products liability. The products liability laws of Texas hold designers, manufacturers and sometimes vendors responsible for injuries their defective and harmful products cause.

Cire Law Firm was formed by Houston trial attorney George “Buck” Cire, who has practice law since 1986. With a focus on resolving your claim for the maximum damages and as quickly as possible, we give you straightforward answers to your questions and candid advice about your options. Whether you were injured in your home, at your workplace or during an auto accident, we can help you obtain compensation.

Elements of a products liability claim in Texas

Not all injuries sustained while using an item qualify for personal injury compensation. To prevail on a products liability claim, you must prove each element contained in the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Title 4, Chapter 82. The manufacturer is typically named as the defendant in a products liability claim and legally indemnifies the seller unless the seller:

  • Participated in the design of the defective item
  • Detrimentally altered the product
  • Improperly installed the product
  • Made a material misrepresentation about the product
  • Failed to warn or gave inadequate instructions
  • Knew about the defect in the product and sold it anyway

In this case, you may have a valid cause of action against the vendor and the manufacturer. You may also make a successful claim against the designer that developed a product that injured you if there were safer, economically and technologically feasible designs that would have prevented the accident.

Liability of pharmaceutical corporations for defective products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves pharmaceuticals based on the information provided by the drug manufacturers. Often, studies do not demonstrate long-term harm or account for dangers in every circumstance. For this reason, a defective drug is typically not recalled until many people suffer serious injuries or fatalities. Our legal team investigates if you have a products liability claim for a harmful medicine in addition to your medical malpractice claim for your doctor’s negligence in prescribing a harmful drug.

Hold the manufacturer accountable for injuries you sustained because of a product defect in Houston, TX

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