Property Owners May Be Held Liable for Premises Liability Issues in Houston

Our Houston lawyer helps you recover damages for injuries sustained on business, public or residential property

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their property, repairing defects and warning visitors about potential dangers. You may have a cause of action when their failure to do so results in your injury. Founded by Attorney George “Buck” Cire, Cire Law Firm analyzes your claim to determine who was at fault and the value of your case.

Who is responsible for your injuries

You expect to be safe when you enter an apartment building, a shopping mall, a sports arena, an entertainment complex, an office building, a public park or a municipal department. Your reasonable feelings of safety derive from the property owner’s duties established under Texas laws and your rights to recover under the premises liability doctrine. Your rights apply whether you are conducting business, socializing or trespassing on the property, although to a lesser extent if you were uninvited at the time you were injured.

Incidents of liability of businesses and residents in Houston

Premises liability may arise in a variety of circumstances. For example, you may have a claim for personal injury for:

  • Slip and fall — A supermarket may be held liable for your slip and fall on a liquid that its staff failed to discover because it did not conduct reasonable inspections of the premises.
  • Dog attacks on Texas property — Texas Health and Safety Code, Title 10, Chapter 822 establishes liability of an owner of a dog that bit or attacked you or your child.
  • Swimming pool drowning — Violations of Houston residential swimming pool codes can result in drowning accidents, especially of young children, and indicate liability for the homeowner.
  • Security breaches — Broken locks, overgrown entryway bushes, dim lighting and tolerance of criminal activity give an assailant the opportunity to commit a violent assault. The landlord should be held responsible for these security breaches.
  • Worksite accident — After a job-related injury, your first means of monetary recovery is typically workers’ compensation benefits — or Jones Act claims for oil field accidents — but you may also have a valid personal injury lawsuit separate from these options.
  • Explosion or fire — A worksite fire or explosion does not just put workers at risk, but it may also severely injure you as you walk onto the premises immediately prior to the incident.
  • Construction site pedestrian accident — If you are knocked on the head by falling debris or collapsed scaffolding while walking through a construction zone, you may have a cause of action against the contractor who failed to warn you of the hazards.

Recover damages for injuries you sustained because of hazardous conditions on property

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