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Texas is a great place for motorcycle riding. The wide open spaces and fair weather seduce riders with a promise of the open road. Unfortunately, in the Houston area, our roads are some of the most congested in the United States, and the city is home to many of the state’s most dangerous intersections. Motorcycle riders and their passengers face elevated danger because they are exposed, with only protective equipment between them and a vehicle or the hard surface of the road. If you have a serious motorcycle accident in the Houston area, you can depend on Cire Law Firm to provide the trial-ready legal representation you need to obtain full, fair compensation.

Common motorcycle accident injuries in Houston

The Texas Department of Transportation reports there were 459 motorcyclists (operators and passengers) killed in 2015. Fifty-two percent of the motorcyclists killed were not wearing helmets at the time of the crash. Other types of personal injury that often result from motorcycle accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussion and traumatic brain injury
  • Friction burns (road rash)
  • Internal organ injury
  • Spinal cord injury and paralysis

At Cire Law Firm, we have represented clients with a wide array of serious and catastrophic injuries arising from motorcycle, truck and auto accidents.

Texas motorcycle helmet law

Texas requires every motorcycle operator and passenger under the age of 21 to wear a helmet that meets the minimum standards set by the state Department of Transportation.  Riders age 21 and over may exempt themselves from the requirement to wear a helmet by taking an approved motorcycle safety course and purchasing a health insurance plan that provides medical and surgical benefits in the event of an accident.

Not wearing a helmet, however, increases the danger of a disabling or fatal head injury, and it can also damage an injured rider’s case in court. If a rider suffers a head injury, the defendant can claim the rider was negligent and the negligence caused greater injury. Under Texas’ comparative negligence law, the court could reduce the rider’s damage award in proportion to fault, or if the lack of a helmet caused more than 50 percent of the harm, the court could bar the rider from receiving any compensation.

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