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The American Burn Association (ABA) reports that approximately 450,000 people in the United States received treatment for burn injuries in 2012. An additional 3,400 Americans died from fires and burn-related complications. Many of those who survived were forced to endure extensive rehabilitation and surgeries and were left with scars, disfigurement, pain and disabilities.

If you have been severely burned, you deserve the opportunity to obtain the best care you can for your injuries. Attorney George “Buck” Cire of Cire Law Firm in Houston has advocated for burn victims since 1986. We do all we can to obtain the compensation you need and ease the burden on your family with a burn injury claim.

Degrees of burns

Burns are classified by degrees, depending on the depth and level of damage, with a fourth-degree burn being the most catastrophic. Your burn may have been categorized as:

  • First-degree burn — Considered a superficial burn of the epidermis, damage to the outer layer of skin can result in pain, redness and swelling. A sunburn or mild scalding is categorized as a first-degree burn. First-degree burns often heal on their own or may require limited medical care to control pain and to enhance hydration.
  • Second-degree burn — Damage occurs to the entire epidermis and part or all of the dermis. Blisters may appear, and there may be pain or diminished sensation of the affected area. These burns typically take several weeks to heal and may require skin grafting to reduce scarring.
  • Third-degree burn — A third-degree burn is characterized by total destruction of the skin and damage extending to underlying tissues. Extensive nerve damage results in loss of sensation and lack of pain in the injured area. Scarring usually develops even after skin grafting.
  • Fourth-degree burn — The worst type of burn, the damage caused by a fourth-degree burn extends into the muscles and bones.

Types of burns

Burns can occur in a variety of tragic situations at home, at the workplace or in an auto accident. These burn types include:

  • Thermal burns — May be related to a house or an automobile fire
  • Chemical burns — From a toxic substance splashing onto skin, typically occurring at a dangerous worksite
  • Electrical burns — Caused by an electrical spark or shock at home or the workplace
  • Friction burns — Road rash occurring in a motorcycle or bicycle wreck
  • Radiation burns — Often associated with medical malpractice when too much radiation is applied during treatment

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