Birth Injuries Can Occur Because of Obstetric Mistakes

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As you awaited the birth of your child, you probably speculated on the many accomplishments to come — from your baby’s first step and first words to high school graduation and eventually grandchildren. However, a birth defect can keep your child from ever reaching these milestones. If your obstetrician is to blame, you deserve compensation that allows you to give your child the best medical care and quality of life possible.

Cire Law Firm in Houston, TX was formed to right the wrongs perpetrated by negligent individuals and corporations through the civil court system. Attorney George “Buck” Cire devotes his 30 years of experience to this mission. We cannot change the injuries suffered by your child, but we can help you give your child every advantage possible and seek justice from the doctors responsible for the disabilities.

Analyzing your birth injury claim

Approximately one in every 33 babies is born with a birth defect, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, not all birth defects are a doctor’s fault. Some are hereditary, some are caused by environmental factors, and still others happen because of the mother’s poor health or bad choices. You can expect the OBGYN and hospital to insist that the cause of your newborn’s injuries was outside their control.

In consultation with health experts, our attorney investigates your claim to determine if it meets the legal elements of medical malpractice. We are candid about your rights to recover damages for your baby’s personal injury after we review your claim at your no-obligation free appointment. Among the issues we analyze are the standard of your obstetrician’s treatment throughout your pregnancy, whether a cesarean section or vaginal delivery was appropriate in your circumstances, and decisions your doctor made during a difficult labor.

Common birth defects caused by medical negligence

You may have a valid claim if your baby suffered from one of these common types of birth defects:

  • Cerebral palsy — Cerebral asphyxia during labor may result in cerebral palsy, a condition characterized by variations in muscle tone between rigidity and atrophy that result in spasticity, weakness, lack of coordination and difficulty performing precise movements.
  • Erb’s palsy — Erb’s palsy is a brachial plexus injury that occurs when the nerves in the shoulder area are impinged, stretched or torn during childbirth. It can result in weakness, numbness and paralysis of the affected arm.
  • Spinal bifida — Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy can result in malformation of the neural tube in the early stages of fetal development, a condition that could have been avoided if your doctor diagnosed your vitamin deficiency in time.
  • Drug-induced fetal malformation — Some prescription medications carry the risk of severe damage to the fetus, risks of which your doctor should be aware and of which you should be informed.

Recover damages from the doctors and hospitals responsible for your baby’s birth defects in Houston

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