Commercial Litigation May Be Necessary to Resolve Your Contract Disputes

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The contract is the backbone of a business transaction. Dating back before the United States was even a country; contracts were viewed as the means for businesses to enter into agreements on which both parties could rely. Texas laws presently allow companies to enforce written commercial agreements that satisfy the legal requirements.

Cire Law Firm protects the interests of small businesses throughout Houston with solid, well-drafted contracts. Our lawyer’s 30 years of business litigation experience gives us crucial knowledge about avoiding potential disputes. We advise you on risk management strategies that protect you from lawsuits and draft contracts focused on keeping your agreement on track and giving you ready solutions if something goes wrong. If a dispute arises, we take decisive action to seek the best possible resolution as quickly as possible and at as little cost as possible to your business.

Negotiating and drafting an enforceable contract

A valid contract must contain an offer, an acceptance and consideration. This usually involves the exchange of money for goods or services. Offer and acceptance is often referred to as the meeting of the minds, which means both parties intend to enter into the contractual agreement under the terms contained in the contract. The written contract should reflect all of the terms within its four corners.

Cire Law Firm approaches contract negotiations knowing exactly what your business wants to achieve and with a clear plan to reach your objectives. We draft a contract that clearly and concisely states the provisions of your agreement.

Void or unenforceable contracts

A party who breaches a contract may claim several reasons for doing so. The court considers these arguments to determine whether to order performance and financial damages:

  • One party lacked capacity to enter into the contract because of age or mental incapacity, for example.
  • One party entered into the contract under duress, fraud, coercion or undue influence.
  • One party did not disclose or misrepresented a material fact
  • Acts under the contract are illegal.
  • The contract has become impossible to perform because of an act of God or war.

Damages for breach of contract

Our first step after a breach of contract is to try to settle the problem outside court, if it is in your best interests to do so. We engage in mediation, arbitration or informal settlement talks to minimize your expenses, time and public exposure and to preserve business relationships that you want to maintain despite the breach.

We give you our straightforward assessment regarding your options and potential outcomes if you take your case to litigation. At conclusion of a trial, the court may order:

  • Specific performance of the terms of the agreement
  • Injunctive relief to prohibit the party from acting in a certain manner
  • Monetary damages

Reach solutions if the terms of your commercial contract were breached in Houston

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