Houston Civil Litigation Allows You to Recoup Damages and Demand Performance

Our trial lawyer is your aggressive advocate in the courtroom and at the negotiating table

Attorney George “Buck” Cire of Cire Law Firm has been advocating for clients in the Houston courts since 1986. Our team focuses on reaching the best possible outcomes, at the lowest cost to you, as quickly as we can. To do this, we consider such options as mediation, arbitration and trial and advise you about which option can most effectively meet your goals.

What is the civil court?

The Texas civil courts provide our residents with an objective forum to have their grievances heard. Subjects the civil courts decide include personal injury claims, business disputes, breaches of contracts, insurance coverage disputes, family law matters, real estate issues and property damage allegations. The civil courts have authority to order monetary damages, injunctive relief, or specific performance to abide by an agreement.

Civil litigation process

The amount of time and the steps required to resolve your dispute depend on the facts of your individual situation. Generally, the litigation process involves:

  • Filing your lawsuit and answering the complaint — The litigation process begins when the plaintiff files a petition with the clerk of court. Notice is served to the defendant, who must file an answer and may file a counterclaim.
  • Conducting discovery — Discovery is a formal investigation of your case that follows strict legal rules and allows you to gather evidence relevant to your matter. The discovery process may include depositions of witnesses, interrogatories of the other parties, subpoenas of records and review of expert opinions.
  • Presenting motions before the court — During the months and days before trial, we may argue important points in motions before the court. For example, we may want to compel the party to take certain action, or we may want to keep certain evidence out of the trial.
  • Negotiating a settlement — Even if mediation fails to produce a settlement, you may reach an agreement with the other parties as late as the day of trial. In fact, sometimes when the other parties realize that Cire Law Firm is well-prepared and ready for trial, they decide to settle instead of risking a more detrimental verdict.
  • Presenting your case at trial — George “Buck” Cire really likes being in the courtroom. This makes him persuasive before the jury and the judge.

Resolve your civil claim with the help of experienced counsel in Houston

Learn how a litigation lawyer can help you resolve your civil claim. Call Cire Law Firm at 713.532.6206 or contact us online today. Our civil litigation firm is conveniently located in the Galleria area off the 610 Loop in Houston and represents clients in Houston as well as Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery and Jefferson counties. Your initial consultation is free.

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