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Successfully resolving disputes in Texas courts for 30 years

Cire Law Firm is a premier civil litigation practice founded by Attorney George “Buck” Cire. Much has changed in the three decades since Mr. Cire started helping clients in Houston, but his core values and fundamental approach are steadfast. To reach effective resolutions for your legal matters, we offer:

  • A no-nonsense approach
  • A compassionate, firsthand perspective
  • A trial-ready strategy

How a quarter of a century of trial experience can help you

We seek solutions best for you. This may mean negotiating a settlement with insurance companies or defendants, or it may mean aggressively demanding relief at trial. Because we are totally focused on civil litigation, we have the polished skills and extensive knowledge it takes to help you reach positive results.

In fact, Mr. Cire not only spends a large amount of time in court, but also really likes being there. He believes in the system and knows how to use it to help you in such important matters as:

  • Personal injury — To recover damages for your personal injury matter involving an auto accident, medical malpractice, premises liability or products liability, you must demonstrate that you are less than 50 percent at fault. Your damages award is reduced by the percentage of blame assigned to you. Our attorney gathers crucial evidence of the other party’s negligence to maximize your damages award.
  • Car accidents — Before signing a settlement or giving a statement to an auto insurance company, you should speak with an attorney who can evaluate your car accident claim to determine its full value. We can take the necessary steps to obtain compensation from the negligent drivers for your injuries and vehicle repairs.
  • Admiralty law — Seamen, oil rig crew members and harbor workers face constant risks while performing dangerous jobs. Our lawyer is knowledgeable about the Jones Act and other admiralty laws that support your recovery of compensation for injuries or illnesses you sustain while working on a vessel, oil rig, pier or dock or in a shipbuilding or repair operation.
  • Business litigation — Whether you are a start-up ready to put your ideas into action or an established company trying to protect your interests, our law firm offers experienced counsel to help you succeed. We devise a risk mitigation plan for your small business that helps you avoid disputes, and we take on challenging business litigation matter when disputes arise.
  • Civil litigation — Our trial firm handles a variety of civil litigation matters, including personal injury claims, business disputes, breach of contracts, insurance coverage disputes, family law matters, real estate issues and property damage allegations. Our goal is to reach the best outcome, at the lowest costs to you, as quickly as we can.
  • Commercial litigation — A contract binds two parties to the terms of an agreement. By failing to deliver, the other party may cause your finances, productivity and reputation to suffer. We pursue the appropriate remedies for breach of contract through commercial litigation. Depending on your particular circumstances, we may ask the court for money damages, injunctive relief or specific performance.

Get the help you need with your legal matters in Houston

For assistance with personal injury, business litigation and maritime law matters, call Cire Law Firm at 713.532.6206 or contact us online at any time of day or night. Your initial consultation is free. Our law office is conveniently located in the Galleria area just off the 610 Loop in Houston and represents injury victims and businesses in Houston as well as Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery and Jefferson counties.

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